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  • Yongjie Yao (Chairman)

    2015 Zheshang leader

    Changjiang EMBA

    Over 10 years of PE and management experience

  • Jiahu Li (CEO)

    Sophisticaed investor

    Mainly focused on TMT,comsumption, and branded  chain stores.

    Successfully invested Ganqishi,Baishi Express, PPS, etc.

  • Chunyu Yu (Deputy Chairman)

    Executive director of the Zhejiang Institute of Finance and investment

    Master of Business Administration, La Trobe University

  • Qiongqiong Yang (Deputy Chairman)

    Over 6 years investment and management experience

    Participated in the establishment of dozens of private equity funds

  • Xiang Huang

    Master of International business administration in Served in the IBM management consulting department

  • Chao Yu

    Awarded one of the best angle investors in 2015 Zheshang conference

    Invested numbers of famous startups that have enjoyed extraordinary growth since its inception

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