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Successful project (PE projects)

Enhoyor(300020): The first group of listed companies in the gem, China's leading smart city solution provider and data manager.

Huatie Tech(603300): Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2015, the first listed company in constructions safety equipment leasing industry.


Zhinuo Tech: The company is cquired 51.19% of its stake by Yi Dian Dian Zi (600602) and affiliated parties, and is pushing the listing work

Wantong Zhikong: In December 2015, company is in the information disclosure procedure of the gem IPO.

Xingguang Nongji(603789): In April 2015, company is listed in Shanghai stock exchange main board.

Hongtu Gaoke: Buy HK listed company Wan Wei international with 0.6 billion HK dollars.

Gan Qi Shi: Sell 0.2 million BaoZi per day with a revenue of 0.3 billion RMB and get 80 million RMB investment.

Baishi Huitong: Bai Shi Wang Luo‘s famous express delivery brand. Provides high quality express service for families all years round

Tianfu Tongxin(300394): The company is listed in Shenzhen venture board in Feburary 2015.

Helitai(002217): 2014 backdoor listed. Exited in 2015, investment outcome multiplier is 13 times.

Aotejia(002239): In 2015, the company has been acquainted by Jin Fei Da (A shares: 002239).

Duzhe Chuanmei(603999): Listed in the Shanghai stock exchange main board in 2015. It is in a leading position in periodical publishing industry in China. The main journal is the reader's digest.

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