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  • Block chain

    The world block chain computing power system is one of the three major players in the field of independent research and development of chips.

  • Xinfeng snacks

    Hangzhou people's favorite snack restaurant chain

  • 若朗生物

    Mirror, the leader of the perfect vision of the optical industry

  • 智度投资




  • 聚轮网络

    Leading live broadcast platform

  • 百子尖

    National High-Tech Enterprise

  • 达人店

    New retail social e-commerce startup platform, established in 2016.

  • 电商宝

    E-commerce financial data software and service company

  • 航天寰星

    Wifi, Bluetooth chip design company

  • yuguo doctor

    Domestic mobile medical insurance service platform

  • 义启信息

    Focus on providing global personalized font cloud services for mobile ROM and app developers.

  • 天昱微创

    Leading the era of domestic medical device national brand pioneers

  • 尚越光电

    Flexible CIGS thin film solar cell leader

  • 宝贝走天下

    The first platform for mobile Internet parent-child life


    University digital logistics platform

  • 工猫

    Blue collar job search, social, life service O2O platform

  • 优盒网

    Cross-border e-commerce platform

  • 投哪儿

    Vertical Internet Financial Service Platform for Equity Investment

  • 华夏收藏

    China's largest collectibles trading platform

  • 威客安全

    The most disruptive and innovative professional information security platform in China

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