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Accuracy and Excellence

Accuracy: invest in over 60 enterprises in two years; achieve mutual promotions and benefits   

                  between industries

Excellence: several projects are valued for more than 1 billion and maintain high growth rates



Innovation and Experience

InnovationBased on Feng Yun Zhe Shang, Tunlan Capital sets up the model for old and new 

                     Zhe Shang Cooperations; Tunlan successfully operates several angle funds,       

                     including ZhongnanTunlan, HualiTunlan, ZhidiTunlan, HuadingTunlan, etc; Tunlan 

                     capital has started 10 billions regional industry revitalization funds centered at     

                     Zhejiang Province, affecting 50 cities and counties throughout the country, using   

                     high-quality domestic resources and revitalizing regional economic development.

Experience: Unique investment ideas and vision; acute judgment about enterprise growth and 

                     IPO probability; cautious investment style and the ability of determination



Resources and Team

Resources: powerful backgrounds of Zhe Shang shareholders prove that company has         

                    preeminent capital strength, ample project resources, strong project                    

                    competitiveness and multichannel exits.

Team: pluralistic and complementary structures and backgrounds of human resources enable                 

             broad horizons and unique judgment standard



Service and Cooperation

Service: stress benign interactions between industries, capital, policies and technology; provide  

               enterprises with technology incubation, achievement transformation, strategic           

               planning, policy support and talent supply; enhance the breadth and depth of             

               company’s value-added services.

Cooperation: Company maintains friendly relationships with many domestic and international   

                       well-known investment institutions, listed companies, fund companies, banks and

                       universities. In the meantime, company cooperates with well-known law firms,   

                       brokerages and accounting firms to provide professional one-stop services for     

                       invested enterprises.

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