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about us

Tunlan Captial is a professional venture capital management company based in Hangzhou,China.Its management  team contains successful entrepreneurs,former senior managers from Alibaba and other Fortune 500 companies.Tunlan is committed to provide capital and professional  management  experience  helping  start-up  companies  to  achieve  sustainable  growth  and  gain  competitive  advantages with  its governmental,capital,technological and other resources  internationally.

Tunlan has about 20 billion RMB of assets under  management since establishment. It has invested in over 60 companies and established multiple funds including "FengyunZheshang"VC funds,regional funds,PE M&A funds,and oversea M&A funds.

Through portfolio diversification and professional investment methods,Tunlan has invested in a series of high-potential start-ups including Canaan,Sun Harmonics,Xinfeng,Asunistar,Baizijian,and Tecenet. In the future,Tunlan will persist in the philosophy of using capital to promote technological innovation and becoming a professional and innovative international investment management corporation.


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